Kurginyan: We must move in Marxism’s wake on an untrodden path

18.11.2019, Moscow.

The wager on neo-Marxism is pointless: we need to find something that has not been completely named and revealed, but which lies at the foundation of classical Marxism. Philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan stated this in his opening speech on November 16 at the scientific-practical conference of the Essence of Time movement, where the conceptual manifesto The Dialectics of the Spirit was presented.

There are mistakes in classical Marxism, but I love classical Marxism; I understand its clarity, it precision, and its notion of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie,” said Sergei Kurginyan. “What must we restore? Adorno, Marcuse, all this neo-Marxism, which says it is driven either by the youth, or by students, or by homosexuals and so on? Is this what must be restored? But it is all junk.

He continued, “Should Bernstein and Kautzky’s social democracy be restored? Well, in fact, it is restored and rules in half of the countries of the world, but there is nothing good there. What else should we restore?

Then Kurginyan said where the future of the left lies. “Somewhere we need to find something that lies in the foundation of Marxism itself – something untold. And we must take something from what was undemanded. From Gorky and Lunacharsky to Walter Benjamin and Latin America. This can still be involved to explain why it can return,”  said Kurginyan and stressed that classical Marxism cannot be bypassed and we must in its wake, because “the great truth lies there, but this truth has not been named to the full extent.

The Essence of Time movement carried out a scientific-practical conference in the building of the Central Telegraph in Moscow on November 16, where the leader of the movement, philosopher and politician Sergey Kurginyan, presented the conceptual manifesto The Dialectics of the Spirit.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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