Kremlin reports on preliminary results of Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia

15.10.2019, Moscow.

Preliminary results of negotiations between the leaders of Russia and Saudi Arabia were published on October 14 on the Kremlin’s website.

During the meetings, the two sides discussed cooperation development in areas such as energy, agriculture, industry, and military-technical cooperation. As part of a two-day visit, the Russian leader attended the first meeting of the Russian-Saudi Economic Council.

“Your Majesty, we appreciate your personal contribution to promoting multifaceted Russian-Saudi cooperation,” said Putin.

10 contracts worth $2 billion plus an additional 21 agreements on cooperation between the two countries were signed during the visit.

During the negotiations, the two sides discussed a number of key issues, such as oil prices, the situation in Syria, and the Persian Gulf region. The latter issue is particularly important in the context of the October 11 attack of the Iranian tanker in the Red Sea.

On September 14, 2019, oil refineries belonging to Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s main oil producing company, which is involved in oil exploration, refining, and distribution, were attacked. The Hussites from Ansar Allah, an Iranian-supported movement, claimed responsibility for the attack. Despite the large financial costs of arming and training its military, the Saudi Arabian forces are not able to break the Hussites’ resistance. The fact that Al-Sharqiya, the main oil-producing region of Saudi Arabia, is 90% Shiite, while the ruling dynasty in the country is Sunni, complicates the situation.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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