Ukrainian in Poland forced to eat Bandera flag and apologize in Russian

07.10.2019, Warsaw.

Aggressive behavior by a group of young Poles was provoked by a car with Ukrainian license plate and a Bandera flag under the windshield, ex-Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) member Aleksey Zhuravko said on October 4 on Facebook.

Zhuravko told about his acquaintance, a taxi driver working in Poland, who is afraid to talk to Poles in Ukrainian and to admit that he is from Ukraine, because of the drastic increase in hostility towards Ukrainians after 2014. When dealing with Polish clients, he supposedly pretends to be Russian or from Belarus.

In addition, according to a former MP, his acquaintance once witnessed the aggressive behavior of a group of young Poles who noticed a Bandera flag in a car with Ukrainian license plates. The young people, after waiting for the owner of the car to return, made him get down on his knees and eat the small red and black Bandera flag. The Ukrainian had to apologize in Russian.

According to Zhuravko, because of the Ukrainian authorities’ policy of glorifying the Bandera Nazis, Ukrainians have begun to be perceived in the minds of Poles as apparent enemies.

In 2015, then Ukrainian president, Pyotr Poroshenko, officially recognized the OUN-UPA death squads (organization banned in Russia) as “fighters for Ukraine’s freedom”. The Ukrainian authorities have established social guarantees for veterans of various Nazi gangs.

This is all while the Nazis from the OUN-UPA (organization banned in Russia) were the organizers and executors of numerous punitive operations, during which tens of thousands of civilians, mostly Jews, Poles and Russians, were killed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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