Zelensky did not expect full publication of his conversation with Trump

27.09.2019, New York.

The publication of the full transcript of Vladimir Zelensky’s conversation with Donald Trump was a surprise for the former, the 112 Ukrainian channel reports on September 26.

This is how the Ukrainian president commented the publication of the text of their phone conversation at a press conference in New York, “I just thought that they would publish their part.”

Zelensky believes that sometimes conversations between presidents must not be publicized, “Because sometimes, you know, there is geopolitics, there are certain plans, but I am not scared at all.”

Donald Trump, in his turn, said that he would not have published the transcript if Ukraine had protested. “We talked with Ukraine about this, so had they asked not to publish it, we would not have done so… He said that it was an innocent call,” Trump said.

On Wednesday, September 25, the transcript of a phone call that took place on July 25 between the presidents of the USA and Ukraine was published. In that conversation, Vladimir Zelensky agrees to help Trump in providing information on the US presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son.

After that, Speaker of the Congress Nancy Pelosi initiated the impeachment procedure against Donald Trump. Also, in that call Zelensky complained to Trump of the German and French leaders, who “do not work for Ukraine as much and they should.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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