Kurginyan: Russia will never fully obey the laws of necessity

19.09.2019, Moscow.

Appealing to the laws of nature in global reforms is the path to the death of humanity, the political scientist Sergey Kurginyan stated on September 17 on the air of the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV program on the Russia One channel.

According to Kurginyan, the slogan “there is no other path” exemplifies the destructive force of the call to obey the natural law. He emphasized that it was not even the slogan, but the concept lying at the foundation of perestroika. Today such appeals are used to promote social reforms, including pension reform, he added.

“But Man became human only when he opposed this law. And we cannot imagine how terrifying the world can be, in which a tiger with nuclear teeth and combat laser claws would run about planet Earth. The natural world is cruel and monstrous, but it is not limited to this monstrosity. A beast also possesses altruism. Yes, Konrad Lorenz and others proved this. But the beast is restricted in the use of fangs and everything else, but no such restrictions are imposed upon Man. If he begins to become a tiger with nuclear teeth, humanity will not exist for long,” said Kurginyan.

The political scientist stressed that “Russia and the Russian idea a different kind of idea”. Russia’s way out of the crisis, including the economic one, is to return the workers to the idea of overcoming the laws of nature and moving towards the “kingdom of freedom”; this is a more critical incentive than money. “When people really work, they of course work for money, but not because of money itself. They work because they enjoy the work. And they enjoy it because a higher meaning exists. There will be collectivism and many other things only when this higher meaning reappears,” explained Kurginyan.

The political scientist reminded that a unique feature of the economic development during Stalin’s period in the USSR was that advanced industries developed together with the preservation of the traditional collectivist social order, which was impossible for classical modernization.

Konrad Lorenz is an ethologist who described in his book On Aggression (“So-called Evil: on the natural history of aggression) the mechanisms regulating the destructive behavior of animals. Due to these mechanisms, natural selection does not lead to the self-destruction of the species.

In a section of his book, Lorenz shows that the destructive capabilities of Man have significantly surpassed his natural mechanisms of aggression regulation due to technological progress. Thus, the issue of human survival goes beyond natural laws and becomes a task for culture.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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