Afghan militants capture suburb of the city of Farah

07.09.2019, Farah.

Taliban* (organization banned in Russia) militants launched an attack on the Afghan city of Farah on the night of September 6, TOLOnews reports.

The city of Farah is the capital of the Farah Province in western Afghanistan on the border with Iran.

The militants tried to enter the city from three directions at once. The city’s self-defense forces were able to repel the assault, but the attackers managed to capture several administrative buildings and gain a foothold in the suburbs. Currently, the fighting continues. The city is counting on the support of the Afghan army.

Two civilians are dead and 15 wounded, reports the Associated Press. Also, 30 terrorists are killed, report security officials.

This assault is the third major attack in Afghanistan in the past week. 26 people were killed and 161 wounded in the previous two attacks in Kabul. The aggravation takes place against the backdrop of US negotiations with the Taliban‌ movement (organization banned in Russia).

The Afghan authorities are deeply concerned of the draft agreement. Giving the designation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to the radical Taliban movement ‌(organization banned in Russia) in the draft agreement with the US is unacceptable, said Afghan Vice President Sarwar Danish on September 4. Such a designation violates the constitution and sovereignty of Afghanistan, emphasized Danish.

The self-proclaimed, partially recognized state that existed in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 had the same name.

Experts believe that keeping this name in the text of the agreement will signify the political victory of the Taliban* (organization banned in Russia), which will view itself as a shadow government of Afghanistan.

The US held nine rounds of talks with Afghan militants in Qatar. The Government of Afghanistan is not participating in the negotiations. The parties are discussing an agreement on the withdrawal of US troops from the country in exchange for guarantees not to use Afghan territory to attack the US or other countries.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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