Bulgaria disagrees that USSR defeating Nazism “liberated Europe”

04.09.2019, Sofia.

Along with the liberation from Nazism, the USSR imposed a communist totalitarian regime in Eastern Europe, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry said on September 3 in a report published at its official website.

The Bulgarian diplomats made this statement on September 9, when an exhibition “75 years of the Liberation of Eastern Europe from Nazism” was opened in Sofia in the premises of the Russian Cultural and Information Center.

According to the Bulgarian officials, the contribution of the USSR in the defeat of Nazism is obvious, but the Soviet Army itself, however, brought to the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe “repression, deformed economic development, and isolation from the processes in the developed European countries.”

The Russian embassy to Bulgaria explained on its Facebook page that the exposition consists of archive documents, some of which were previously classified, and that it is “intended solely to introduce the Bulgarian public to the archive materials from Russian depositories… [which ― Rossa Primavera News Agency] demonstrate the critical role of the Red Army in saving humanity from the fascist plague.”

The Russian embassy believes that the exhibition “has nothing to do with the current Bulgarian political discourse,” and the embassy is “disappointed” with the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry’s statement.

In the early September of 1944, the Red Army entered Bulgaria in order to carry out an operation against the German army there. After that, the republic’s parliament and police were dissolved, a new structure of the state apparatus was agreed, and all Nazi organizations were prohibited.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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