Russian military baffled by US airstrikes in Idlib

02.09.2019, Moscow.

The unexpected US airstrike in the Idlib ceasefire zone has resulted in numerous casualties, the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria said on September 1, the Zvezda TV channel reports.

“These US actions, which are made amid regular allegations by Washington that the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic ‘indiscriminately use air power,’ are baffling,” the statement says.

The USA has grossly violated all the previously reached agreements, having failed to notify both Russia and Turkey of the coming strike in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

The bombing on August 31, 2019, by the US Air Force in the province of Idlib resulted in many victims and much damage. These actions have disrupted the ceasefire regime that the Syrian army pursued with the support of Russia and Turkey.

On August 31, at 6 am, the Syrian army stopped all its military activities in the Idlib de-escalation zone. The Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force stopped all sorties in order to maintain the ceasefire in the province, having notified all the parties of the conflict.

According to Washington, their strike destroyed an al-Qaeda (organization banned in Russia) command center in Syria, which was a threat to the US citizens.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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