Russian Intelligence chief: Poland exploits memory of World War Two victims

02.09.2019, Moscow.

Russia’s actions will not follow Poland’s, which refused to invite Russian officials to the commemorative events on the anniversary of the beginning of World War Two, Sergey Naryshkin said on September 1 in an interview to the Izvestiya newspaper.

The Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service explained that Russia will not act in a similar manner, exploiting the “sacred memory” of those killed in World War Two.

Naryshkin reminded that the contribution by soldiers from China, Mongolia, and other countries to fighting Nazism should be respected as well as that of the soldiers of the anti-Hitler coalition.

At the annual security meeting in Ufa on June 18, Naryshkin said that the forces of the collective West are fighting against the traditional values and national identity, mentioning LGBT promotion programs and radical feminism.

Poland decided not to invite the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to memorial ceremonies on the anniversary of World War Two, unlike the president of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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