Damascus condemns Turkey’s plan of establishing buffer zone in northern Syria

08.08.2019, Damascus.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has categorically rejected the joint plan of Turkey and the USA to establish a security zone in Syria’s northeast, according to a statement of August 8 published on the Ministry’s official Facebook page.

Damascus called the agreement an attack against Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, pointing out that such attempts fly in the face of the principles of international law and grossly violate the UN Charter.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry also stressed that the cooperation between Turkey and the USA is nothing but an attempt to cover Turkey’s territorial expansion into Syria.

Apart from the USA and Turkey, the official Damascus lays responsibility for the situation on certain members of the Syrian society and specifically on the Kurds, which have become a blind tool in the hands of the US-Turkish alliance.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry urged the Arabs in other Middle Eastern countries to exercise caution towards Turkey, because the latter cooperates with the Muslim Brotherhood (organization banned in Russia), which, in turn, bring havoc, murders, and devastation from Syria to Sudan and Libya.

Damascus called for the international community and the UN to give their judgment to Turkey’s actions.

On August 7, the defense ministries of Turkey and the USA announced that they had reached a compromise on joint action to establish a buffer zone in northern Syria to the east of the Euphrates. The zone is a 30 to 40 km wide belt into the Syrian territory.

The members of the Kurdish armed groups will leave this territory after they surrender their equipment and heavy weapons.

Also, a coordination center will be established for joint operations of Ankara and Washington.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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