Russia reports increased number of US military units in Syria

03.08.2019, Nur-Sultan.

Russia observes an increased number of the US armed forces in Syria, stated Alexander Lavrentiev, Russian President’s Special Envoy for Syria on August 2, Federal News Agency reports.

Lavrentiev noted that the increase in the number of the US military personnel is taking place contrary to the statements of US President Donald Trump. At the same time, a substantial part of this US military personnel operates in Syria as private military contractors.

The troop surge is taking place in territories controlled by so-called Syrian Democratic Forces

On August 1-2, the 13th round of Astana Process peace negotiations aimed at ending the Syrian conflict took place in the capital of Kazakhstan. Delegates from Iraq and Lebanon took part in the negotiations in addition to the representatives of Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey

On December 19, 2018, US President Donald Trump announced the complete withdrawal of the US military forces from Syria. Despite the statements made by the US leaders, the US armed forces continue their illegal presence in the northern Syria, the area controlled by the Kurds and their, so-called, Syrian Democratic Forces, as well as in the southeast of the country at the Al-Tanf military base near the border with Jordan.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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