Three quarters of Venezuelan states left without electricity

24.07.2019, Caracas.

Venezuela has experienced a massive wave of power outrages, BBC reported on July 23.

The capital city of Caracas was also hit by a wave of blackouts. According to available information, 16 out of the 23 states of Venezuela have experienced power outages.

The large-scale power outages in most Venezuelan states are associated with an “electromagnetic attack,” BBC quoted Jorge Rodriguez, Venezuelan Minister of Information. Minister of Information assured that the specialists are already working to restore electricity.

In March 2019, Venezuela had already experienced a series of power outages, which occurred in 23 states of the country and lasted for about a week. The situation led to civil unrest.

Another power outage took place in April and plunged most of the country into total darkness, but only lasted a few hours.

Sporadic power outages have become customary for Venezuela, where the national economy is in crisis under conditions of political instability.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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