The new President of the European Commission calls for extending anti-Russian economic sanctions

20.07.2019, Brussels.

The new head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leayen, proposed to extend economic sanctions against Russia in an interview to the Italian La Repubblica on July 18.

It is necessary to speak with Russia from a position of strength, noted Ursula von der Lyayen. According to her, the Kremlin does not forgive any weakness. Russian hostile foreign policy is a reason for extending the sanctions, believes the new head of the European Commission. Among others, Ursula von der Leayen characterized as “hostile” Russia’s actions during the reunification of Crimea in 2014 as well as other attempts meant to, supposedly, divide Europe. In her response, the President of the European Commission proposes to extend the sanctions and to continue the dialogue.

The politician was also hopeful of unifying the EU-US efforts when responding to its “rivals”. She noted that EU countries and the US have democracy, transparent and free press, and the freedom of expression as key advantages.

Ursula von der Leayen became the first woman in history to be a chairman of the European Commission. She was appointed to this position on July 16, 2019. She will assume the power in November. Prior to this, she served as Minister of Family Affairs and as the  German Minister of Defense, becoming the first woman in the history of the country who held this position.

Her initiative to introduce mandatory blockage of child pornography on the Internet in Germany became well known. Critics of this initiative of Frau von der Leayen, who was then the Minister of Family Affairs, feared the legalization of censorship in the German segment of the Internet.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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