Ukrainian politician: Ukraine is managed from US

15.07.2019, Kiev.

Ukraine has been managed by the US for five years now, the head of the political council of “Opposition Platform – For life”  Viktor Medvedchuk said on Twitter on July 14.

The Ukrainian opposition politician pointed out that the external management “prevents the real Ukrainian policy from manifesting itself. It influences the sovereignty and the independence of our country”.

According to Medvedchuk, the current Ukrainian government is not capable of ruling the country without regard to Washington.

Viktor Medvedchuk is systematically advocating for the rapprochement of Ukraine and Russia for what he was more than once attacked verbally by nationalists as well as by the Ukrainian authorities.

For many years Medvedchuk has played a role of mediator in the negotiations between Moscow and Kiev. He also initiated the exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and the LDPR.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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