Russian Foreign Ministry condemns seizure of tanker in Gibraltar

07.07.2019, Moscow.

The seizure of a tanker with Iranian oil by the British military is a deliberate action aimed at aggravating the situation surrounding Syria and Iran, the Russian Foreign Ministry press service reports on July 5 on its website.

According to the Ministry, the services and agencies concerned had been preparing this action in advance. This can be seen from the enthusiastic commentaries by British and US high officials.

The Ministry says that this step conflicts with the declaration made by key EU countries about the necessity to maintain the Iran nuclear deal.

It is also noted that there is a contradiction between the British authorities’ commitment to contribute to the settlement of the situation in Syria and the fact that the UK took advantage of the incident with the tanker to increase pressure on “the Assad regime”.

In conclusion, the Russian Foreign Ministry warns those who are exerting illegitimate pressure on Iran and Syria about possible grave repercussions and responsibility.

On July 4, a tanker with Iranian oil flying the flag of Panama was detained by the British military.

United States National Security Advisor John Bolton called this good news.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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