“Hong Kong Maidan.” Local Parliament cancels upcoming meetings

03.07.2019, Hong Kong.

The two closest upcoming meetings were cancelled by the Hong Kong Parliament after the assault on the Legislative Assembly building by the demonstrators. The information was posted on the website of this state body on July 2nd.

The two meetings were scheduled to take place at the Hong Kong Legislative Assembly before the start of the summer holidays. The Legislative Assembly’s press service stated that the building was severely damaged as a result of the assault. Now the police are collecting evidence in the affected building.

Last night, protesters against the suspects extradition bill from Hong Kong to mainland China broke into the building of the Parliament and destroyed all of its interior decor. Vandals spilt black paint on the Hong Kong coat of arms in the parliamentary chamber.

Shortly before midnight, the police warned the rioters about the start of a special operation, and drove them away with ease. As a result of the havoc, the internal premises of the Parliament are in need of repair. The police had to explain why the building was surrendered to the rioters.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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