Tens of refugee families leave Rukban camp in Syria

13.06.2019, Homs.

Tens of families have left the US military-controlled Rukban refugee camp through the Jalighem corridor in the Syrian desert, SANA reported on June 12.

Those who left the camp were reportedly held there by US military personnel and militants. These people will be moved to Syrian regions that have been liberated from the terrorists.

The Rukban camp is located at the Syrian-Jordanian border in the 55 km zone around the US al-Tanf base. This zone also harbors armed Syrian opposition units, who demand that the civilians from the camp join their side to fight against the government army, denying exit from the camp to those who refuse to accept this offer.

In October 2018, UNICEF estimated the overall number of refugees in the camp to be 45 thousand people (up to 70 thousand according to unofficial estimates).

On February 19, the Syrian government opened two checkpoints for evacuation from Rukban. However, the militants from the unlawful armed groups immediately blocked the refugees’ exit from the camp.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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