West scared of Russian traditional values

22.05.2019, Prag.

Russia today, in the eyes of collective West, is an obstacle for spreading gender theories and the ideology of sexual minority, Czech journalist Jiří Kobza wrote in an article published on May 21 in Parlamentní Listy.

According to the journalist, the Russian society’s common sense, the absence of propaganda of homosexuality and feminism is exactly what the West fears most, because they undermine its intention to spread the LGBT ideology globally.

Jiří Kobza pointed out the ability of the Russians and the other peoples living in Russia to peacefully live together. “The Motherland as a federation of peoples who live together in peace and cooperation is of great importance for ordinary people in Russia,” he noted.

The journalist also stressed that the preservation of historical memory is a priority in Russia. Neutralization of attempts of rewriting history, the celebration of Victory Day, and commemorating ancestors, Jiří Kobza believes, are the values “that we underestimated and forgot over 30 years.”

In March 2019, the Czech Defense Minister Lubomir Metnar said that, along with terrorism and cyber-attacks, Russia is a threat for Western countries. In particular, such Russian actions as redeployment of troops, rearmament, and a large number of exercises were mentioned as treats.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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