Ukrainian servicemen refuse to fight and kill their commander

13.05.2019, Donetsk.

Ukrainian army servicemen assigned to the 88th battalion of the 35th Marine brigade refused to obey orders and killed their commanding officer, DPR Operational command representative Daniel Bezsonov said in his speech on the First Republican TV channel of the DPR.

The command of the Joint Forces Operation examined the state of affairs in the brigade and called the brigade commander Palas to appear before the qualifying commission. To show his suitability, Palas ordered battalion commander Captain Golik, to conduct a sabotage-recon group raid on the DPR territory.

Golik didn’t manage to solve the problem, since his subordinates refused to execute the order, recalling the failure of a previous raid and associated losses.

Trying to convince his subordinates, Golik appealed first to their conscience, but then he began to threaten with the Tribunal. The bickering ended up with the commander being shot. To avoid punishment, Palas passed the death for a combat loss as a result of shelling by the DPR.

According to the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine, the non-combat losses of the Ukrainian army in the past three years have exceeded 10 thousand people. Non-combat losses have led to a multitude of inspections in the Ukrainian army.

Even according to the official data, at least one-third of the Ukrainian army losses are not related to combat. According to the people’s militia of the LPR, the Ukrainian Armed Forces traditionally write off non-combat losses for casualties as a result of imaginary shelling by the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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