Russian Pacific Fleet ships arrive in Chinese port for joint exercises

29.04.2019, Qingdao.

A seven-ship task force from the Russian Pacific Fleet (PF) arrived in the Chinese port of Qingdao to participate in the Joint Sea 2019 naval drills, the PF press service reports.

The Russian task force consists of: the Guards missile cruiser Varyag (PF Flagship), large anti-submarine destroyers Admiral Vinogradov and Admiral Tributs, corvette Sovershennyy, large landing ship (LLS) Oslyabya, rescue ship Igor Belousov, and sea tanker Irkut.

The PF group were able to work out several elements of the upcoming exercises while sailing on their way to the drills. Crews practised chasing, stopping and inspecting an intruder vessel. Marines using high-speed boats were to board the intruder, while a pair of snipers would cover from an airborne helicopter.

Also, the PF crew members conducted drills on ensuring the survival of a damaged vessel. They ran through emergency team procedures, sealing damaged compartments, fire extinguishing, pumping out outboard water, and eliminating holes in the ship hull.

The Joint Sea drills have been held regularly between Russia and China since 2012.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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