Pompeo speaks about tightening the noose around Maduro’s neck

16.04.2019, Washington.

The US will apply all economic and political means to hold Maduro accountable, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on April 15 at a press conference that took place in Colombia, near the border with Venezuela.

The US will continue to utilize every economic and political means at our disposal to help the Venezuelan people,” said Pompeo after visiting a migrant center and a warehouse storing humanitarian aid.

Using sanctions, visa revocations, and other means, we pledge to hold the regime and those propping it up accountable for their corruption and their repression of democracy,” said the diplomat.

You watch the political and diplomatic noose tighten around Maduro’s neck,” stated the head of the US Department of State addressing journalists accompanying him on the trip.

Pompeo urged Maduro to leave his post and leave Venezuela so that the country can return back to normal. “I hope that you will care now, when you see the horror, when you see the tragedy, to change your ways and to leave your country,” said the Secretary of State addressing the President of Venezuela.

Cubans must understand too that there will be cost associated with the continued support of Maduro,” said Pompeo. The same warning applies to Russia, too, stressed the head of the US Department of State.

In January 2019, the head of Venezuela’s National Assembly Juan Guaido declared himself interim president of the country. The US and its allies recognized him as the county’s legitimate leader. However, most of the world’s countries, including Russia and China, recognize Maduro as president of Venezuela.

On April 13, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the US of interfering in the internal affairs of other states and noted that they will not abandon attempts to overthrow Maduro.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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