Lavrov confirms the legitimacy of Russian military presence in Venezuela

01.04.2019, Moscow.

The presence of Russian military specialists in Venezuela is legitimate, the Russian Foreign Minister confirmed on March 31 in an interview to a Russia One channel correspondent.

Sergey Lavrov explained that the Russian military personnel are there on the absolutely legitimate and legal basis facilitating the maintenance of military equipment, which had been delivered under intergovernmental agreements. According to the Minister, which fully corresponds to the Venezuelan constitution.

The Russian Foreign Minister’s commentary followed the US President’s call for Russia to get out of Venezuela.

To the correspondent’s question of whether it is appropriate to use such wording as get out  on the diplomatic level, the minister said that he does not discuss manners. Sergey Lavrov noted that now is a different time of “new approaches in American politics, actions and declarations”.

Last week, Venezuela witnessed the arrival of a Russian military delegation consisting of 99 persons, and the delivery of 35 tons of cargo. US President Donald Trump then said that Russia has to get out of there”; in response to the question of what he plans to do to achieve this he replied that all options are on the table.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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