Russian planes deliver troops and cargo to Venezuela

25.03.2019, Caracas.

Two Russian planes with troops and cargo took flight to Venezuela, a Venezuelan journalist Javier Mallorquí said on March 24 on his Twitter page.

An An-124 and an Il-62 plane arrived in Venezuela, delivering 35 tons of cargo and 99 servicemen. The planes landed at Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, where they were greeted by Venezuelan officials and the representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission in Venezuela.

Since the beginning of 2019 Venezuela has been witnessing a political crisis. US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó, proclaimed himself the interim President of Venezuela, and he is now threatening to stage a coupaiming to oust the sitting President Nicolas Maduro.

Western countries are also conducting acts of sabotage on Venezuelan territory to fuel protest sentiments.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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