The Washington Post removes phrase “The left was about salvation” from title

20.03.2019, New York.

The title “The left was about salvation. The right is about the end times” was changed to “Politics is religion, and the right is getting ready for the end times” for the article by columnist Michael Gerson on March 18 on The Washington Post website.

The first version of the article with the original title remains available through search engines; a Google search for this title opens the same article, but with a modified title.

In his article, the author says that politics has become religion in many aspects of life, and he points out theological tones in the political discourse. Something like this used to be typical of the left in the 20th century, he notes.

 “Marxism provided a soteriology — a theory of salvation,” which the US columnist believes, caused people to fight “in service to a redemptive ideal.” “It is what made communism so appealing — and so dangerous,” he adds.

The right, according to Gerson, has a different concept, and it has been evolving. In late 20th century, it denied the salvation, and it served “humbler conceptions of individual liberty and the common good” through conservatism.

Recently, however, the right, “rather than offering a vision of salvation, it has embraced a certain eschatology — a theory of the end times,” which “has taken on a distinctively religious tone.”

This is where he sees the danger for liberalism posed by Trump and his supporters, and he believes that a second term for the current US president will mean the end of American civilization.

Trump previously said that The Washington Post published only bad stories.

Interestingly, the electronic version of The Washington Post is issued with a headline “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Editorial comment

It is revealing that the editors, or the author himself, corrected the title of the article so promptly, removing the reference to what was the essence of the communist doctrine. This suggests two conclusions. Firstly, they definitely understand what communism was. And secondly, they are very, very scared that this understanding could finally become accessible to all people.

Discussing the soteriology of Marxism, the author means the “illicit introduction of values into science”, for which Popper and others hated Marx, as does Gerson. They deny this approach, hiding it in the desk drawer by editing titles.

Meanwhile, the real solution for Man and the Humanity to break new ground is a new communism, in which the soteriological science and service to Man and Humanity will be the source of ascension.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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