Macron accuses Yellow Vests of treason

17.03.2019, Paris.

The Yellow Vests are seeking to destroy the state system, French President Emmanuel Macron said on March 16 on his page in Twitter.  

Macron believes that the protesters’ actions at the Champs-Élysées go beyond mere demonstrations. He is convinced that the participants in the protests are seeking to destroy the country. The French President stated the need to make “strong decisions” in order to prevent such activities.

The protests in France, named after the “Yellow Vests”, began in November 2018. A slight increase in the gasoline prices and raising the fuel tax became the reason for the demonstrations.

The Yellow Vests hold the protests on Saturdays.

During the latest demonstration (ACT XVIII), which took place on March 16 in Paris,  the protesters caused a disturbance. According to the French Interior Minister, approximately 1,500 protesters, who were aggressive from the start, provoked the police into a clash. Overall, the latest demonstration gathered more than 7 thousand participants.

According to the media, the protesters vandalized shops and set a bank office, located in a residential building on the Champs-Élysées, on fire.

The police used water cannons, smoke grenades and tear gas to suppress the protesters.

Editorial comment

Many Russian pseudo-leftist structures cite the Yellow Vests as an example of struggle by the trade unions and as a template for organizing protests against the state system. However, they fail to note a considerable degree of artificiality in these protests, especially when it comes to its radical groups.

It is no wonder why. The Russian pseudo-leftists are not interested in fighting for the rights of workers, they just need a radical “street” movement.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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