Kurginyan: Ukraine and USA are creating global fascism

13.03.2019, Moscow.

As the USA is striking up a friendship with Bandera Ukraine, which is seeking to acquire pseudo-red henchmen, and the most vicious Nazi anti-communists in Russia, for the sake of defeating the hated “vatnik” Russia [patriotic Russians are pejoratively referred to as “vatniks,” meaning “cotton-padded jacket,” pointing to their supposedly low socioeconomic status — Editor], a global fascism is emerging, leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said in the third episode of the film “The treason under the red mask” published at the Youtube portal on March 11.

A closer look at the Banderization of Ukraine makes it clear that the  unfolding neo-Nazism has nothing to do with Christianity, but rather a dark belief system permeates it, which is both anti-Christian and anti-communist.

“The coming storm is a storm of the gnostic rearrangement of the world, a Black Spring. This storm is a kind of rearrangement that makes Hitler’s ‘new order’ look like child’s play. The Banderization of Ukraine is nothing but the first gusts of this black gnostic wind,” Kurginyan said.

The essence of the phenomenon of “Banderism” is that they were punitive squads and sadists who enjoyed the suffering of vulnerable victims, women, children, and the elderly. This is what they were perfect at: they eliminated unarmed victims; and whenever necessary, they performed clandestine work, hiding their ugly criminal mugs under various masks.

“However, the Bandera Nazis could not fight a motivated and skillful adversary such as the Soviet Army. For various reasons, they were unable to fight against our army the way the Germans from the Waffen-SS did,” the political scientist explains, recalling that the Bandera Nazis on the Maidan were unable and unwilling to even engage in confrontation with the Berkut riot police, who were relatively few in number; and had Viktor Yanukovich not betrayed the Berkut, the Maidan would have been successfully suppressed. But Yanukovich betrayed them.

“And then, having realized that they have protection from the West, along with the fifth column inside the authorities, realizing that the authorities had shown weakness, the Bandera Nazis revealed their true faces of punitive death squads who enjoy the helplessness of civilians abandoned by their authorities. Without Russia and the Donbass resistance, this would have ended with a full-scale genocide. A rampaging Bandera thug can only be stopped by force,” Kurginyan explains.

But why did the West not only support, but also begin to protect the Bandera Nazis? Why do they need  Nazi, Banderist, maniacally anti-Russian punitive death squads?

“Meanwhile, the answer is obvious. The dominant power, i.e. the USA, needs Nazi, Banderist, maniacally anti-Russian punitive death squads in order to destroy Russia. <…> This is the only function this device can perform. And if the USA is in such a need of this device, then everything is clear. This is why the USA needs it: to ensure the final solution of ‘the Russian question’,” the Essence of Time leader said.

The Bandera Nazis became necessary to the USA not only to eliminate the Russian people in a ghetto, but also for subversive activities. “The promotion of the Bandera dream about the liquidation of Russia with the help of the USA and the West as a whole is what we are discussing in our analytical series and the eponymously named book. This and only this,” Kurginyan says.

The Ukrainian Bandera Nazis and their accomplices in Russia count on treason by the Russian establishment to take place in the form of a Perestroika-2. A communo-Banderist subculture is being formed in order to undermine Russia from within, and it is being integrated into the aggregate anti-Russian fifth column.

“We are discussing this because they are making increasingly sophisticated attempts to turn Ukraine into an aggressively anti-Russian Nazi monster. This is why supporting the movement of Ukrainian society and the Ukrainian state in this direction is both a betrayal of the Motherland and a betrayal of the Red Idea,” the political scientist said.

“The pseudo-red communo-Banderists, being a militant minority that hates majority, and that seeks to ensure the country’s defeat in order to enslave the majority, in order to turn this ‘vatnik’ country into a territory totally controlled by the forces of the new post-capitalist evil, which are much darker than the worst capitalism ― they feel that Perestroika-2 has taken real shape.”

“And that they can advance their activities during such a perestroika, and permanently defeat the ‘vatnik’ majority that they hate so much,” Kurginyan concludes.

On February 15, the first episode of Sergey Kurginyan’s film “The treason under the red mask” was published at the Essence of Time official Youtube channel, followed by the second episode on February 24 and the third on March 11. The film discusses the preparation of a “red wave” of Perestroika-2, the third after the Bolotnaya Square protests and Strelkov’s mutiny. It is extremely dangerous because its leaders hide their treason against the nation under a red mask, which is attractive to the Russian population who are nostalgic for the USSR.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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