Is war at the doorstep? US urgently withdraws all diplomats from Venezuela

13.03.2019, Washington.

All US diplomatic personnel will be withdrawn from Venezuela this week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on March 12 on his Twitter page.

According to Pompeo, this decision had to be made; because in the context of the deteriorating situation in the country, the presence of the diplomats has become a constraint on US policy.

Previously, the US Secretary of State called President Maduro the main reason of the electric power outage in Venezuela. Pompeo wrote on Twitter that Maduro’s policies bring nothing but darkness. “No food. No medicine. Now, no power. Next, no Maduro.”

Based on the investigation of the failure at the Guri power plant, President Maduro said that the attack against the Venezuelan electric power system consisted of three stages. The first stage was a cyber-attack against the power plant control center. For the second stage, mobile electromagnetic emission (EMI) devices were activated in order to block any attempts to restore the power supply. The third stage was an explosion at the Alto Prado substation (in the state of Miranda), resulting in a blackout throughout Caracas.

Maduro stressed that the technologies that were used in the cyber- and EMI-attacks were only available to the US government.

Editorial comment

Embassies are withdrawn before the beginning of military operations. Military operations are even more likely because Pompeo called the presence of the diplomats in Caracas “a constraint on US policy.” US diplomats have already been doing whatever they want in Venezuela, and they support whoever they want. Therefore, the only thing they can constrain is the initiation of military operations in the streets of Caracas.

A week from now, an attempt of a military resolution of “the Maduro problem” can be expected if the diplomats and their families are indeed withdrawn. Whether it will be the US Army, a Free Venezuelan Army (similar to the Free Syrian Army), or unknown “rebels” of Colombian origin remains to be seen.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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