“You murderered” the USSR. Who will fight the new fascism?

06.03.2019, Moscow.

The destruction of the USSR and communism at the end of the 20th century triggered the process of the revival of Nazism, the leader of the Essence of Time social political movement Sergey Kurginyan said on March 4 on the air of the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov program at the Russia One channel.

This is how the program’s guest commented the publication of an article in a Spanish newspaper, ABC, where the author expressed sympathy to Hitler’s forces that defended the Reichstag against Red Army’s offensive in 1945.

First, the program’s guest pointed out a certain split in the Russian collective consciousness. On the one hand, the public rages against such revanchist statements made by fascism; on the other hand, it fails to notice homegrown attacks against its history and against itself.

For example, Kurginyan recalled Stanislav Belkovsky’s statements urging “the US Fifth Fleet to sink the Black Sea Fleet and strike Sevastopol.”

 “Did Mr. Belkovsky not speak out here? Do people not shake Mr. Belkovsky’s hand? Is Mr. Belkovsky not a welcome guest on our national radio broadcasts? He isnt rejected,” Sergey Kurginyan noted indignantly.

In concert with this position, the political scientist believes, statements sound like “it is a shame that the Germans failed to defeat the Soviet Union, because we would have had German beer now.”

It is these kinds of provocative statements that formed the early phase of the aggression against the Soviet Union, the death of which triggered the process of Nazism’s revival. Therefore, Sergey Kurginyan believes, when contemporaries ask questions regarding “where are we headed towards?” a legitimate answer could be “You are the murderer” of the victor of fascism.

The political scientist recalled that historically, the main actor of not only the Soviet, but also the European resistance against Hitler’s Nazism were communists, while “all the rest surrendered.”

 “The truth is that indeed the Soviet Union and communism were the victors. If both are murdered, why the hell wouldn’t Nazism start a revival? It is bound to be reborn. And it is beginning to do so. So, what was murdered? And why do they not understand that the moment they murdered it they initiated this process?” Sergey Kurginyan said.

On March 4, the Spanish newspaper ABC published an article “Stalin’s lies on the capture of Berlin in which you believed 70 years.” In the article, according to Russian experts, journalist Manuel Villatoro repeated perestroika-era attacks on Soviet history. However, these anti-Soviet myths are still published and sold on Russian bookshelves.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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