Poroshenko promises to raise salary for Kiev’s cutthroats

04.03.2019, Kiev.

During a visit to the front line, Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko promised to increase the salary for servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces located in the conflict zone, the Ukrainian president’s press office reported on March 2.

“I made a decision and instructed the minister to increase the volume of the financial support for those fighters who are located on the front line. Starting from April 1, I order to raise payments for those on the first line by 2 thousand hryvnia (about $75 – translator’s note). The minimum payment should be 12 thousand hryvnia (about $450) for each soldier,” – Poroshenko said, visiting a ‘fortified post’ of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Poroshenko promised to add a thousand hryvnias to the servicemen of the second line, bringing the payment up to 5.5 thousand hryvnias ($200). Additional payments also apply to sailors who ‘are defending the Azov coast’.

The message, separately and without any comments, stresses that while promising servicemen extra payments, Poroshenko said, “We must confirm that, as for the President and Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, this is my first priority.”

On November 28 2018 Poroshenko promised to raise soldiers’ salaries by 10 thousand hryvnia ($370) if Russia attacks Ukraine. Earlier, on September 14 2018 Poroshenko promised to raise the salaries by 30%.

Editorial comment

Elections in Ukraine are rapidly approaching. Poroshenko traditionally makes all sorts of promises to the Ukrainian people, such as all kinds of “benefits”, supplements to additional payments, ‘a land of milk and honey’, as well as raising wages, pensions, subsidies, the subsistence level, etc. However, we can observe the real consequences that the last 5 years of the Bandera regime has had for Ukraine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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