Germany discusses possible failure of coup in Venezuela

01.03.2019, Frankfurt am Main.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself the president of the country, is weak and has no support, Andreas Ross, the author of the article The end to the planned revolution said in the German Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper on February 28th.

According to Ross, Guaidó’s call to the international community “have all options on the table for the liberation” of Venezuela is “an expression of helplessness, if not despair.” Now Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro will be able to prove that Guaidó is ready to sell Venezuela’s lands and oil to the “North American imperialists”.

Guaidó did not manage successfully bring in the majority the US humanitarian aid to Venezuela. The Venezuelan Army, apart from a handful of deserters, also keeps its loyalty to the sitting president.

At the end of his article, the author cast doubt on Guaidó’s ability to return to Caracas from Columbia. He thinks that the opposition as well as the US acting behind the scene most likely have no well thought out plan for further actions.

On January 23, the head of the opposition Parliament Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself temporary President of Venezuela. These actions have caused a political crisis in the country.

The US-led Western countries, as well as the Lima group countries, acknowledged Guaidó as the president of Venezuela. Russia, Belarus, China, Iran, Turkey and a number of other countries support the legally elected President Nicolás Maduro.

Speaking about its support of the self-proclaimed president and Maduro’s allegedly dictatorial, the United States publicly stated multiple times that a military intervention in Venezuela was possible.

In addition, US authorities tried to supply “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela by means of military transport aircraft. Experts believe that under the guise of “humanitarian aid” weapons were sent for the Venezuelan opposition. Thanks to decisive actions by the Venezuelan authorities, the US has failed to deliver this type of so-called “aid” to Venezuela, for the time being.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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