Barbed wire as “humanitarian aid” for Venezuela: What did they find in the trucks?

28.02.2019, New York.

Items for building barricades were found in a burned truck that was transporting “humanitarian aid” for Venezuela, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said on February 26 in his speech at the UN Security Council.

According to Arreaza, tools for building barricades, barbed wire, and nails were found upon search of the truck.

He demonstrated a photo of a person who set the truck with the “humanitarian aid” on fire with a Molotov cocktail. When showing the photo, Arreaza said that the trucks were away from the Venezuelan border, on the bridge.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister noted that his country did not use lethal weapons, only tear gas.

On February 23, the opposition tried to deliver humanitarian aid through Colombia, but unidentified people burned the trucks.

The new escalation of the political crisis began in Venezuela in January, after Juan Guaidó declared himself president of the country at a mass protest rally on January 23. Just a few minutes later, US President Donald Trump recognized him, and he called all the other countries to follow his example.

The USA, a number of European countries, and a number of Latin American countries recognized Guaidó as the Venezuelan leader. However, Russia, China, Turkey, Cuba, and a number of other countries believe that Nicolás Maduro is the legitimately elected President.

Washington accuses Caracas of initiating a humanitarian disaster in Venezuela, and it demands that humanitarian aid delivery be allowed into the country.

The current authorities of the country said that they would only accept humanitarian aid through the UN channels, which met disagreement in the USA.

According to the Russian State Duma officials, the humanitarian aid shipments are part of the US’ plan to destabilize Venezuela.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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