Islamists cause Burkina-Faso military base garrison to flee

31.01.2019, Pama.

A group of militants attacked a Burkina-Faso military base on the evening of January 30th, Radio France Internationale reports.

According to Burkina-Faso officials, the Compienbiga military base 15 kilometers away from the town of Pama in the eastern part of the country was caught under fire from grenade launchers and large-caliber weapons by armed people moving on recently stolen off-road vehicles and motorcycles. After the attack, the militants left in the direction of Pama.

Part of military personnel was forced to flee the military base and seek protection by the local gendarmes brigade and the Pama municipal commissariat. There is still no information about losses from both sides.

In recent years the northern part of Burkina-Faso has been suffering frequent attacks from radical Islamists, and the eastern part of the country has also became a place of terrorist attacks since August. The Burkina-Faso armed forces had to carry out a number of military operations in the regional forests to destroy the terrorist bases. French military and aviation deployed to the neighboring countries of Mali and Niger, where the French army has been carrying out the Barkhane anti-terrorist operation for several years, were also engaged in the operation.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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