Poroshenko’s new decree will allow Ukrainian military to commit lawlessness in the town of Stchastye

20.01.2019, Lugansk.

Since the Ukrainian military have been authorized to seize civilian objects, they will be allowed to commit any injustice, the LPR’s People’s Militia Spokeperson Andrey Marochko said on January 19, its press service reports on its official site.

Andrey Marochko noted that yesterday Poroshenko adopted a decree establishing the military and civil administration in the town of Schastye, which aims to assume total control over the population and to suppress any kind of dissent in the eve of the presidential elections. Starting now, the Ukrainian military will be able to seize civilian infrastructure facilities based on the decree. Andrey Marochko stressed that this would be lawlessness.

The Ukrainian presidential elections are scheduled for March 31. According to
a recent poll dated 3 January, the current president is losing: 51.9 % of respondents is strongly opposing him, and only 11.2 % planning to vote for him.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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