Forecast by Ukrainian General: There will be no war, but Kiev is preparing for Moscow’s aggression

15.01.2019, Kiev.

A war between Russia and Ukraine before the Ukrainian presidential elections is not likely to take place, Ukrainian Intelligence Service veteran Lieutenant General Vasily Bogdanov said on January 14 during an interview to the journal “Facti”.

According to him, the reason is that Russia expects Kiev’s political course to change, which may become possible following the presidential elections in March 2019. Bogdanov also sees another reason, that Russia does not consider Ukraine to be easy prey.

 “We are preparing to counter an attack”, said the ex-intelligence officer. He added that Kiev aspires to return control over Donbass.

One of the ways to return control over Donbass is through a military operation. However, Bogdanov, softened his words saying that such a scenario would be implemented as a last resort; Ukraine hopes for a diplomatic settlement to the situation.

On December 31, the presidential campaign began in Ukraine; the elections are scheduled for March 31. Kiev routinely speaks about the Russian military threat in order to justify the civil war against Donbass.

Moscow categorically denies Kiev’s accusations of aggressive activities. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that war between Russia and Ukraine is impossible as Moscow seeks to keep Ukraine a neutral country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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