Kurginyan: Protests in France are a Pan-European process

17.12.2018, Moscow.

The political crisis in France is a Pan-European process, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on December 16 on the air of the Tolstoy. Sunday TV program on the Russia One channel.

The expert explained that the French crisis consists of two components. The first process, which can be seen on the surface, is the socioeconomic protest itself, multiplied by the specifics of the political culture of the French people.

 “This is France, when the whole country was blocked with tractors after a threat of raising agricultural taxes. This is the country of the French Revolution etc. It shows a very acute reaction to anything like that. This is the first thing. Secondly, life is not easy there. Many people are unhappy with Brussels etc.,” Kurginyan explained.

However, the movement leader believes, “a crisis of political menu” became the main factor of the events in France.

“I have talked to my friends in France. They say that the most important thing is that people are desperately bored with the current elite. This is a crisis of political menu in the general sense. Indeed, almost all these figures graduated from the same college. This is a elite with a very refined structure. And people have been wanting to break free from this the whole time. This is a Pan-European process: this happens in Greece, then in Italy, then in France,” the political scientist stressed.

According to the expert, the people are trying to find those who would not belong to the political elite. To this end, the European voters are ready to promote “a comic or a hooligan from the side” to the top position in their country.

 “They found this Macron, but he turned out to be the wrong person, a mistake. And now they are going crazy about this,” Sergey Kurginyan believes.

The social political process underlying a political crisis naturally results in internal stress, which can be used for the benefit of external forces.

 “Of course, when such natural processes take place, someone will take advantage of them. The Americans are brilliant in using it. As they used it against de Gaulle in 1968, the same way they are using it today. Of course, this is happening, too. But only something natural can be used. If an explosive has built up, someone will want to set it off,” Sergey Kurginyan explained.

A mass protest against rising fuel prices, taxes, and decreased living standards began on November 17 in France. The protesters use yellow vests as a special identification symbol. The overall number of “yellow vests” has exceeded 30 thousand people. After a short pause, a second wave of protests began on December 15.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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