Federation Council of Russia: Germany knows the consequences of Ukraine joining NATO

03.12.2018, Moscow.

Germany has realized the consequences of Ukraine’s accession to NATO, the Chairman of the Federation Council’s information policy commission, Aleksey Pushkov, noted on his Twitter page on December 2.

Pushkov wrote that former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel accused Ukraine of trying to pull Germany into a war with Russia, and Angela Merkel ‘advised Poroshenko to behave smarter.’ However, according to Pushkov, the Ukrainian government has no idea about how to behave smarter; it only knows how to be more ‘aggressive’.

And in Berlin they have realized again what Ukraine’s acceptance into NATO is fraught with. Useful insight for Germany,“concluded Pushkov.

Earlier, Ukrainian presidential candidate Yuriy Boyko spoke about the need for direct talks with Russia in order to de-escalate the conflict in the Sea of Azov.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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