Kurginyan: The West will like Russia only after it surrenders

01.12.2018, Moscow.

The more destructive and capitulatory Russian national policy is, the more the West will like it, political scientist, leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on November 30 at the Time Will Show TV program.

Sergey Kurginyan stressed that the relations between Russia and the West had come to a situation when the West dislikes everything Russia does, which means that it expects one thing from Russia: stop living, to die, for the West to start liking it.

The political scientist noted that one should take a closer look at who specifically dislikes Russian policy, “The next question is who dislikes it? There is a nice, beautiful, decent woman, and there is a playboy who dislikes her, because he likes whores. The question is simple: should she become a whore to be liked? Whom do you want to like you? Whom?”

According to the Essence of Time leader, the behavior of the US President Donald Trump regarding his meeting with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin is “a continuous coquetry, reacting to which would be beneath our dignity.”

At the same time, Sergey Kurginyan believes, the Russian president should never behave incorrectly like Trump, which means that Putin must not refuse to arrive after Trump has refused to meet with him at G20.

According to the political scientist, from the strategic point of view, the only option in all this situation is to accomplish a single transformation of the worldview, “We must stop being Western-dependent in out thinking, we must stop wanting one thing: to be liked by them, and we must understand that we have concerns other than them to liking us. And we must behave with dignity.”

On November 29, national leaders began to arrive at the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, to participate in the G20 summit.

It became known previously that the bilateral meeting between the presidents of Russia and the USA, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, would not take place due to the American side’s initiative. Trump explained his decision with the fact the crews of the Ukrainian ships that crossed the border had not returned to Ukraine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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