New Ukrainian demand: Close Bosporus for Russia

30.11.2018, Kiev.

Ukraine will address the international community with a request o close the Bosporus Strait for Russian ships, the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy Igor Voronchenko said speaking at the 2nd International Maritime Security Conference, UNIAN reports.

 “We will ask the Republic of Turkey to close the Bosporus to show the Russians what happens when they violate international law,” Voronchenko said.

The Ukrainian Navy commander expressed confidence that Russia was trying “to establish domination” not only in the Black Sea, but also “in the Baltic Sea, in the Arctic region, in the Middle and the Far East.” This means that, according to Voronchenko, when resisting Russian “aggression,” Ukraine “is defending not only itself, but the whole world as well.”

On November 26, Ukrainian military ships made an incursion into Russian territorial waters. Ignoring all warnings, the ships headed towards the Kerch Strait. Finally, the Ukrainian ships were seized, and their crews arrested.

In response, Ukraine accused Russia of military aggression. The international community, in its majority, supported the Ukrainian position.

On November 28, the President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko imposed martial law.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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