Solovyov: Kiev’s anti-Russian resemble those of a suicidal person

25.11.2018, Moscow.

The Ukrainian side is constantly craving provocations against Russia, said TV host Vladimir Solovyov on November 25 in the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV program.

The journalist noted that the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev are not simply “trolling” Russia, they are acting like suicidal people: “Well, that’s as if they were continuously running up to the bear and tickling it with a straw, and when it rips your head off (Kiev authorities’ head – Rossa Primavera NA note), you say: ‘Don’t you understand that this was a joke?’

According to Solovyov, this style is seen throughout all of Ukraine’s anti-Russian actions; on the one hand, Kiev appoints a new negotiator for Donbass; on the other, the Ukrainian Armed Forces occupy a village in the “gray zone”: “They expected that we would start bombing in response, so that they could say that this is Russian aggression. It did not work, so they sent the ships. Now they are waiting to see what will happen next.

Earlier on November 25, Ukrainian warships illegally crossed into Russian territorial borders. Russia considers this Ukrainian military action as a provocation.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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