French publisher: people should know the truth about Solzhenitsyn’s falsifications

24.11.2018, Paris.

A representative from Les Editions Delga, a publishing house in France, joined a protest which was organized by the Essence of Time social movement against honoring Solzhenitsyn on November 23, a Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent reports.

Edmond Janssen, co-founder of the publishing house, said the following during a conversation with our correspondent:

  “The fact that Solzhenitsyn was simply dishonest became clear in the 90s, when objective data based on the archival studies regarding the number of repressed was released. Nevertheless, in France, they persistently continued to refer to highly exaggerated figures from Solzhenitsyn.

In schools, children learn about the USSR none other than within the framework of totalitarianism, an idea which is largely based on Solzhenitsyn’s data … And not just data, but the whole image of the country, captured in his books. And this image, by in large, is simply fake and one-sided.

For a long time, it has been necessary for truth to stand up against this lie. We need serious work on this topic: a book that would put everything in its place. Our publishing house is ready to translate such work into French and publish it.

People should know the truth about the scale of Solzhenitsyn’s falsifications, as well as about his character and what he has done at large. ”

In 2018, events dedicated to Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s centenary celebration were held in Russia and in many other countries. In particular, an exhibition dedicated to the writer is held in Paris, in the City Hall of the 5th arrondissement, from November 19 to January 8.


Edmond Janssen. “School programs are based on Solzhenitsyn’s lies. We demand the truth! No to celebration of historical falsification! S. Komov


Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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