Chinese leader: Humanity at crossroads between peace and war

19.11.2018, Port Moresby.

Against the background of global shifts, humanity is at the crossroads between cooperation and confrontation, said the Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping on November 17 during the APEC Summit 2018 in Port Moresby, Xinhua News Agency reports.

While giving his keynote address, the Chinese leader noted that the world is witnessing unprecedented changes over past 100 years, and that humanity is once again facing a choice. According to Xi Jinping, the future of humanity depends on what the countries will choose: cooperation or confrontation, openness or “closed doors”, mutually beneficial progress or a zero-sum game.

At the summit, Australia and the US discussed the joint use of Lombrum Naval Base, located in Papua New Guinea.

During the event, the Chinese leader and US Vice-President Michael Pence reproached each other for violating WTO rules.

Editorial comment

For the first time in APEC history, the countries could not agree on and adopt a final declaration of their leaders, because of trade disputes. Instead, a limited document without controversial points, in the spirit of “for everything good”, was presented to the public. In addition to the limited declaration, and apparently, so as not to lose face, the host country (Papua New Guinea) will publish a written statement on behalf of all the participants.

This means that the choice has really been made: confrontation, not cooperation. Such a scenario is not something new for Russia, which has been living for several years in the context of economic confrontation, while anti-Russian sanctions are only mounting.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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