“The Book that Tricked the World” withstands first battle

17.11.2018, Vologda.

A lively discussion broke out during the presentation of the The Book that Tricked the World, which exposes the lies of  The Gulag Archipelago, by A.I. Solzhenitsyn. Valery Yesipov, the author of the book, was at the presentation during the meeting of the “Historical Club” in the regional library of the city of Vologda on November 15, a Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent reports.

Yesipov’s work requires public debate, stated the moderators of the meeting, historians from the Vologda State University who adhere to anti-Soviet positions. They called Solzhenitsyn a great and talented writer who has already taken his place among the classics of Russian literature. The figure of 60 million “repressed”, cited in the early editions of the Gulag Archipelago, was attributed to the “inaccuracies of the time” when everything was counted in millions (Solzhenitsyn cites a figure used by US professor Kurganov, who surrendered to the Nazis in 1942 and then emigrated to the US – Rossa Primavera News Agency note).

The history students who attended the meeting actively reacted to comments from Yesipov’s opponents. Laughs, clapping, and random comments from the audience could be heard. A significant part of the youth supported the author in his critique of Solzhenitsyn’s creation.

2018 has been declared the year of Solzhenitsyn in Russia. Events dedicated to the author’s life and work are being held all over the country. However, not all of Russian society supports Solzhenitsyn’s ideas, which largely are based on anti-Sovietism and led to the collapse of the USSR. The Essence of Time social movement opposes the cultivation of “Solzhenitsyn-ism”.

Apart from Yesipov’s book, other books exist where the life and work of Solzhenitsyn are critiqued, for example: Solzhenitsyn. Farewell to the myth by Alexander Ostrovsky, and The Spiral of Treason by Tomasz Rzazhach.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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