French Finance Minister: Europe must become an empire

12.11.2018, Paris.

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance, called for transformation of Europe into an empire like the USA and China in an interview to Handelsblatt newspaper, which appeared on their site on November 11.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire spoke in favor of restoring European sovereignty and turning Europe into an empire based on the principles of a constitutional state, during his comments on the strengthening of the eurozone and the signing of the new Association Agreement, which is expected in early December, reported Handelsblatt.

 “I’m talking about Europe, which should become an empire like China and the US,” said the French minister. Bruno Le Maire explained that he uses the term “empire” in a peaceful context: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about a peaceful empire which is a constitutional state.” At the same time, Bruno Le Maire emphasized that Europe should not be afraid of using its technological, economic financial, monetary and cultural power to be an empire of peace.

Noteworthy, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire’s statement was made in the context of recent discussion between the leaders of Germany and France regarding the future of Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s speech to the European Parliament about her vision of European future was announced to take place on Tuesday, November 12.


Editorial comment

Statements by representatives of European elites regarding the need to restore Europe’s sovereignty may certainly be welcomed. However, these statements reveal something else: if sovereignty needs to be restored, then at present Europe is not sovereign. Admittedly, Europe is weakening and shows a lack of independence in the context of Brexit, the emergence of a “pro-Bandera” [Ukrainian Nazi collaborator] state in the middle of Europe, etc.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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