“No one asked your parent to give birth to you” – bureaucrat finds “new approach” to youth

07.11.2018, Kirovgrad.

“The state owes nothing to the new generation,” Olga Glatskikh, head of the Youth Policy Department in the Sverdlovsk region said on November 5th during a round table discussion at the Kirovgrad municipal administration.

She made this scandalous statement while answering a question about financing projects for children, “Young people today for some reason have an understanding that the state owes you everything.  No, the state owes you nothing by definition. Your parents are the ones who owe you because they gave birth to you. The state did not ask them to give birth to you,” said the bureaucrat.

Earlier, Natalya Sokolova, the Minister of Labor and Employment of Russia’s Saratov Region was removed from office in October after a scandalous statement that 3,500 rubles a month is enough to meet a pensioner’s “minimum physiological needs”, she then received her nickname on the Internet — the Queen of Noodles.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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