Russian expert at OSCE: identity politics leads to growing Nazism

21.09.2018, Warsaw.

Identity politics is leading to growing far-right moods in the world, journalist Tony Siewert said at the OSCE round table discussing the topic of “The gender approach and national security”, Rossa Primavera News Agency reported on September 19.

In his report, Tony Siewert said that it was politicization of identity which led to the emergence of Nazi Germany and all the horrific consequences of the fascist regime. But in spite of the fact that democratic society had ought to do its best to avoid these situations in the future, the practical experience is the opposite,

“What measures are being implemented today to counteract the cultural influence of this approach [politicization of identity, Rossa Primavera News Agency]? And is it even remotely enough? Is it even possible that a cultural environment that facilitates victimization, division, and marginalization is capable of counteracting these tendencies?”

Answering all these questions, the journalist called to reconsider the approaches of politicizing identity and to search for radically new approaches that would avoid the horrific errors of the past,

“Cultural policy is a very important instrument. And a serious attitude towards national security absolutely requires stopping the identity politics, which permeate today’s mainstream. A serious analysis of the process that the culture of victimization has started, as well as a radically new approach towards addressing these problems is necessary.”

OSCE’s Human Dimension plenary meeting opened in Warsaw on September 20 to discuss progress in the fulfillment of prior obligations.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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