Kurginyan: Striking Syrian base is more important to Israel than relations with Russia

20.09.2018, Moscow.

Political scientist and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan, in his discussion with Israeli political scientist Simon Tsipis on the Time Will Show TV program on the Russian Channel One on September 18, uncovered Israel’s destructive position, due to which it believes that the benefits of conducting an air strike against a Syrian base outweighs its impact on Russian-Israeli relations.

In response to Simon Tsipis’ statements that a series of technical errors led to the strike on a Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft, Sergey Kurginyan specifically asked, “A question to you as an expert: could you share your opinion regarding the benefits achieved by striking the Syrian base, quite an ordinary one as we understand, and the impact on Russian-Israeli relations? Did you see the eyes of the Russian military officials who voice their protest? What do you think is more valuable? This loss of relations, their warmth etc., or the base? What do you think?”

Simon Tsipis tried to avoid giving a direct answer, “I would throw onto the scale… Please understand that as soon as the war in Syria is over…”

However, Sergey Kurginyan steered the conversation back to the topic, “ ‘Answers to the damnedest questions, give them to us straight and quickly!’ What is more important to you?”

As a result, Simon Tsipis had to answer, “My answer is as follows. If Israel is threatened with destruction, what is then more important? To destroy a military base, putting foreign aircraft at risk, or to wait to be attacked and destroyed?”

Sergey Kurginyan summarized, “Now you have given an answer. You have uncovered all the defectiveness of your position. And we have heard you. Striking the base is more valuable to you than preserving our relations. This is what you have said in Russian!”

According to a statement made by the Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu at a meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Defense on September 18, the downed Il-20 was performing reconnaissance in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

On September 17, an Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft was shot down 35 kilometers away from the shore on its way back from a mission over the Mediterranean as a result of a maneuver by Israeli fighters, which were hiding behind it from Syrian air defenses. The fifteen Russian airmen on board were killed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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