SDF militants shell Syrian villagers

11.09.2018, Deir ez-Zor.

Seven Syrian citizens were injured in shelling by SDF militants in the village of Al-Sajra in southeastern Deir ez-Zor, a Syrian source of the Rossa Primavera News Agency reported on September 11.

It all began as a verbal confrontation between the villagers and the SDF militants over the fact that the day before the local residents set fire to the Al-Bir al-Sijan oilfield near the village, killing the SDF guards.

The “Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces” were established in the fall of 2015. The SDF comprises male (YPG) and female (YPJ) armed self-defense units. The SDF receives support from the USA. Its claims fighting against the ISIL (organization banned in Russia) as its major mission.

The SDF controls a number of major oilfields on the eastern Euphrates River, which were seized by terrorists in 2014.

The official Syrian government has repeatedly expressed its intention to regain control over these oilfields. Military clashes took places between the Syrian army and Kurds in Deir ez-Zor. According to reports in late May and early June of 2018, the government of Bashar al-Assad and pro-Kurdish forces were ready for negotiations.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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