Drunk Aidar troopers rob Muratovo resident

10.09.2018,  Lugansk.

Drunk Aidar battalion fighters robbed a Muratovo village (Novoaidar region) resident at gunpoint, the spokesman of the LPR People’s Militia Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko said, the LuganskInformCenter reports on a briefing on September 8.

 “Local residents of Kiev-controlled localities repeatedly report attacks, marauding and other kinds of illegal actions committed by Ukrainian militants,” said Marochko.

 “The Ukrainian armed forces’ punitive brigades’ outrages are not ending. Ignoring any kinds of rights and freedom of civilians became normal for so-called ‘liberators’. For all the duration of the Donbass conflict, the war dogs got so used to unlawfulness that they think they are all-powerful”, he noted.

 “For example, militants from the 24th Aidar battalion committed another crime while being intoxicated with alcohol. In Muratovo locality, the ‘defenders’ robbed a civilian threatening her with weapons,” said the lieutenant colonel.

 “Luckily, the criminals did not hurt the woman’s health,” he said.

Andrey Marochko noted that “the brigade’s commanders and the local authorities do not respond to complaints and reports of the locals.”

Earlier, during the “School Truce”, Ukrainian army snipers and saboteurs got active near the Lugansk People’s Republic borders. The military action is underway in the area of the town of Schastye controlled by the Ukrainian army.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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