Rostekh creates “chameleon coating”

22.08.2018, Kubinka.

Special coating aimed at masking military equipment and soldier’s battlesuit was presented at the Army-2018 international forum on August 21 in Kubinka, Moscow region, TASS reports.

The coating is a special electrically-controlled material applied on top of a surface to be masked. The material changes its color depending on the surface and its environment.

Later on, the coating will be improved, and it will be able to dynamically change its color and imitate leaves shiver in the wind, for example. The material’s features were shown at the example of a soldier’s “invisible helmet”, which will become a part of an advanced Russian battlesuit.

The new material’s advantages include low power consumption, within 20 W per square meter of the coating, easy application on the masked surface as well as low application weight (hundreds of grams per square meter).

The costing has been designed by Roselectronics holding and TSNIITOCHMASH under Rostekh under the order of the Russian Defense Ministry. In the future, the material is expected to be used in civil as well as in military purposes.

In July 2018, head of Rostekh Sergey Chemezov reported that the first experimental samples of the material were developed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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