Lvov journalist: Russian children are scum

15.08.2018, Lvov.

Lvov journalist Yustina Dobush called Russian-speaking children staying at camps “scum” in her blog on website posted on August 13.

Dobush said that Russian-language songs and the Russian speech itself coming from the people having a vacation at the children’s camp are the main reasons she is not able to relax at her private house in the Carpathians. “Why tearing apart and abusing the calmness of the village with their Russian-language songs and exclamations “Good, go higher” [tried to speak Russian, editorial comment] or something like that? What have I done to be exposed to these cries in this language next to my house?”

Although, according to Yustina, the owners of the leisure base switch on the music only in the daytime, this is still a musical terror by alien people, and the tourists themselves are simply “scum”, “And how should one name such tourists who by their stay violate the peace of the whole village and basically ignore the requests to at least calm down a bit? They are scum, just scum. I don’t find another word.”

The journalist concluded that her torments are Putin’s intrigues who created conditions for millions of eastern Ukrainians to migrate, “Who knows, maybe not Crimea and Donbass were the main goal of Putin, but millions of immigrants and refugees going from Eastern to Western Ukraine, so that this Russian-language abuse would continue day and night long?”

In September 2017, Yustina Dobush expressed her indignation toward her compatriots staying at the Turkish leisure places, when they dared to express dissatisfaction with the hotel’s staff lacking the knowledge of the Russian language.

Hate mongering against everything Russian including the language is a consistent policy of the Ukrainian government, which came to power as a result of the coup in February 2014. Irina Farion, member of the 7th Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament), was saying, that “the Russian-speaking Ukrainians are the biggest problem of Ukraine. They are separatists, traitors, renegades.” Another case is also indicative when children’s writer Larisa Nitsoy showed outrage with a saleswoman in a supermarket speaking to her in Russian, not in Ukrainian. For this, she threw small change into the cashier’s face.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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